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Auckland Festival of Ceramics catalogues 2016/2017

In 2016, Auckland Festival of Ceramics approached me to design their branding and in turn apply it to the year's festival catalogue.


The logo I designed is representative of a kiln, with the individual letterforms stacked as if ceramic items on kiln shelves. Each capital A is solid, representing the pyrolytic cones used by potters to test firing temperatures. 

I also provided the client with a set of brand guidelines to define the graphic identity for future collateral, this included specifying fonts and minimum size/clear space guidelines for their logo.

The festival catalogue layout incorporates a scaled version of the pyrolytic cone as a graphic device on the cover as a clear space in which to feature the logo. The layout of the catalogue allows for consistent formatting of the individual artist and event pages, giving an overall tidy and professional finish. 

I went on to design the catalogue again in 2017, this time including a detachable fold-out calendar of events.

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